Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Walcott, listography, runway music and Marc Jacobs.

Hey bloggers!
I haven't written in awhile, I realise. Anyway, I have a number of things to say/share.
First, I want to announce that I've taken an interest in Vampire weekend. Why? Because once again the cover art has drawn me in. I'm hopeless. My faves are Walcott, Mansard Roof, and Campus. Winkwink.

Also, I've joined a wonderful website called, which, presumably, is about LISTS. Life in lists. I personally love lists and I willingly take up considerable space in my computer with lists made in MS Word. So, for the listy, save your computer now and join listography. My account is here.


Oh, right, the next thing I wanted to bring up is what I consider to be the next best thing in runway music. It just needs a runway. Music by POGO. It's odd, it's fresh, and it's based on some of my favourite movies, such as Harry Potter, Alice In Wonderland, and Mary Poppins. You can find it here on MySpace or here on YouTube. I recommend YouTube because the movies are mixed into the song. Amazing.
Alright, so imagine Marc or Luella using this on the runway this fall, and is that fabulous or what? I personally think that'd be a match made in heaven.

Until that happens, speaking of Marc, have you guys seen the new ads for fall '09?
Although it may be true I believe whatever that man touches turns to gold, these ads are fierce.

And "fierce" is a strong word.

And as if this post weren't link-filled enough already, get ready because you can see the full set right HERE on FASHIONOLOGIE. I just love how the photos are somewhat grainy and... I don't know, retro-looking? Mm, love it.

That's all for now.

Je t'aime!
- meagan


  1. Just dropping by to say hi and great blog,loving it!

  2. Inspiring!! haha, i have listoraphy, careful, you'll get addicted! You don;t want to end up with a page like mine !! I have hundreds of notes in lists lol

  3. i love these kinds of photos because you don't see them often. somewhat glamorous but different