Friday, September 4, 2009

I tried to do handstands for you.


I feel awful about sort of neglecting you guys and this blog.

I mean, SEVENTEEN followers? That's more followers than years I've been alive.

I never thought I'd get over five! I LOVE YOU.

The days since my last post were spent getting ready for the inevitable--high school. (Yes, I am twelve, but that's how things work here in Quebec.) I don't know what Hollywood was talking about-- there's no talk of "popularity" or anything like that. Pooh-pooh!

Also, my uniform skirt with the weird pockets caused me to accidentally sit on my Smith's Rosebud Salve. Brilliant. Now the pretty tin is broken in a little bit on the side...

And Fashion's Night Out is coming up really soon, in the New York location. It's actually THIS coming Thursday! I'm still begging. We'll see what happens.

Now, wouldn't that be something to blog bout?

Seeing as this is a fashion-oriented blog, I'll jump into that in a second.

FIRST. Have you guys seen the September issues. Yikes. I'll have to dive into the Vogue tomorrow morning. Then NYLON. They should make giant NYLON issues more often, shouldn't they? I was so ecstatic to see the Alexa Chung spread. I've been stalking her style here.

I bought an off-white tutu from H&M. I was about to buy these thirty-dollar Doc Marten-esque boots, too, but my cousin made a face when I held them up and I spotted a beanie with a huge pompom and bought that instead. I'm actually saving up (in theory) for this possible trip to NYC for Fashion's Night Out (I do talk about that alot, don't I?) and LULA.

Do you guys know about Lula? The semi-annual (can i say that?), giant, whimsical magazine by Vogue veterans Becky Smith and Leith Clark. There's even a credit in the masthead that reads "Tilda Plum"--that's a dog. Isn't that amazing? And they have minimal ads. It's like a giant bible of all things light, airy, girly, and whimsical. And what could be better than that?

Also, I briefly read in NYLON that there's talk of a new, affordable Marc Jacobs line? No, you're not dreaming. Apparently, everything is to be below 200$. Okay, so it's still not Target, but it's truthfully just as exciting. I'll post more about that when I figure it out.

Lastly, how perfect is this outfit?

I wanna wear something like it to FNO. With the official tee shirt tucked in. But serious, I better go to this thing! Anyone else going to be there? Lemme know!

Je t'aime!


Monday, August 10, 2009

"For the mind, you happen to be an absolute treat."

No way.
I love you people.
Anyone notice the new banner? (ah, the wonders of MS Paint) What do you think?

Yeah, I know, this is my second fall-ad post, but bear with me!


Personally, as both a McCartney and a classic-Disney fan, I feel kind of obliged to like it. There's no denying that once again, Stella has kept us on our toes and lived up to innovator expectations (whoa, strong wording there), but is it too much? Decidedly, I like it, although, as said about it, the characters distract from the clothes quite a bit.

The title of this post was inspired by Dockers MC, probably my favourite modern/urban poetess ever. I suggest you check her out on MySpace Music.

Well, I'm feeling rather uninspired for now, but I'll be back tomorrow!



Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Walcott, listography, runway music and Marc Jacobs.

Hey bloggers!
I haven't written in awhile, I realise. Anyway, I have a number of things to say/share.
First, I want to announce that I've taken an interest in Vampire weekend. Why? Because once again the cover art has drawn me in. I'm hopeless. My faves are Walcott, Mansard Roof, and Campus. Winkwink.

Also, I've joined a wonderful website called, which, presumably, is about LISTS. Life in lists. I personally love lists and I willingly take up considerable space in my computer with lists made in MS Word. So, for the listy, save your computer now and join listography. My account is here.


Oh, right, the next thing I wanted to bring up is what I consider to be the next best thing in runway music. It just needs a runway. Music by POGO. It's odd, it's fresh, and it's based on some of my favourite movies, such as Harry Potter, Alice In Wonderland, and Mary Poppins. You can find it here on MySpace or here on YouTube. I recommend YouTube because the movies are mixed into the song. Amazing.
Alright, so imagine Marc or Luella using this on the runway this fall, and is that fabulous or what? I personally think that'd be a match made in heaven.

Until that happens, speaking of Marc, have you guys seen the new ads for fall '09?
Although it may be true I believe whatever that man touches turns to gold, these ads are fierce.

And "fierce" is a strong word.

And as if this post weren't link-filled enough already, get ready because you can see the full set right HERE on FASHIONOLOGIE. I just love how the photos are somewhat grainy and... I don't know, retro-looking? Mm, love it.

That's all for now.

Je t'aime!
- meagan

Sunday, August 2, 2009


Good morning, all!

Hope you're doing well.

So I was flipping through the September issue of Teen Vogue when I noticed the ad featuring the words FASHION'S NIGHT OUT and NEW YORK. Instantly, sparks go off in my head. I think I have a sensor-detection thing in my head whenever those words are used in the same sentence. Like Spiderman, but with fashion. Like Spiderman.

Anyway it turns out, for those of you who haven't heard of it, Fashion's Night Out is an event by the CFDA and Vogue being held all over the world, i.e. the UK, France, Italy, Russia, China, etc.

You can read more on the official site here.


The closest I can get is the New York location , and I have already started begging my parents repeatedly to take a roadrip on the tenth of september (yes, cutting class) to take part in this amazing event and take a long weekend in the city. The answer? "Well, we're not saying no."

I think it'd be the night of my life.

Oh, and they're also selling the official tees for about thirty dollars (FOR A GOOD CAUSE, remember?) and let me tell you they are beautiful. Pictured above, if I didn't forget.

Anyone planning on going?
Lemme know!

Je t'aime!

Saturday, August 1, 2009

"I love y--I mean, I'd like to get to know you."

Now that the awkward first-post tension has been lifted, I can safely begin to ramble shamelessly and share a little piece of my mind with you :)

I want my second post to be about now. Now, in my life, I mean.

Right now I want to buy some Smith's Rosebud Salve. I've got no idea as to what this could actually do for me, but the packaging is so darn attractive.

Next, I want to read good books. Books that will actually have an impact on me and that are actually worth it. That being said, I've passed and hid my more mindless novels deep in the bowels of my bookshelf (isn't that a hideous term? haha) and bought some more NYLON and more importantly, the 1920's novel by F. Scott Fitzgerald called This Side of Paradise, which I couldn't find the Premier Classic cover for. But that should be okay. It's lovely so far.
OH! That being said, I want to say how completely fantastically amazing NYLON magazine is. I read the recent interview with Sienna Miller, whom I never particularly paid attention to, but she's an interesting girl, full of life. Did you guys know that NYLON actually stands for NewYork+LONdon? How genius. It took me forever to figure out.
So tomorrow I'll be hitting the Montreal OTAKUTHON with my friend, which is basically a celebration of Japanese pop culture and anime and such. Neither of us are actually Asian, and none of us are especially into manga, but I totally love Rei Kawakubo and sushi, so that counts for something, right?
I want to buy one of those panda hats.
Like I could ever pull one off.
And that's all my news for now.

I've got nostalgic pavements, I've got familiar faces.

So my name is Meagan, and I love fashion, though you probably could never tell. My icons are Clémence Poesy, Emma Watson, Erin Wasson, the
Olsens, and Alexa Chung. I'm completely brand-new to blogging, and my point in life is to entertain, be entertained, and to create things people don't need to have. I love to write and inevitably, read, and I'll be your best friend.

"An artist is somebody who produces things that people don't need to have." -Andy Warhol