Friday, September 4, 2009

I tried to do handstands for you.


I feel awful about sort of neglecting you guys and this blog.

I mean, SEVENTEEN followers? That's more followers than years I've been alive.

I never thought I'd get over five! I LOVE YOU.

The days since my last post were spent getting ready for the inevitable--high school. (Yes, I am twelve, but that's how things work here in Quebec.) I don't know what Hollywood was talking about-- there's no talk of "popularity" or anything like that. Pooh-pooh!

Also, my uniform skirt with the weird pockets caused me to accidentally sit on my Smith's Rosebud Salve. Brilliant. Now the pretty tin is broken in a little bit on the side...

And Fashion's Night Out is coming up really soon, in the New York location. It's actually THIS coming Thursday! I'm still begging. We'll see what happens.

Now, wouldn't that be something to blog bout?

Seeing as this is a fashion-oriented blog, I'll jump into that in a second.

FIRST. Have you guys seen the September issues. Yikes. I'll have to dive into the Vogue tomorrow morning. Then NYLON. They should make giant NYLON issues more often, shouldn't they? I was so ecstatic to see the Alexa Chung spread. I've been stalking her style here.

I bought an off-white tutu from H&M. I was about to buy these thirty-dollar Doc Marten-esque boots, too, but my cousin made a face when I held them up and I spotted a beanie with a huge pompom and bought that instead. I'm actually saving up (in theory) for this possible trip to NYC for Fashion's Night Out (I do talk about that alot, don't I?) and LULA.

Do you guys know about Lula? The semi-annual (can i say that?), giant, whimsical magazine by Vogue veterans Becky Smith and Leith Clark. There's even a credit in the masthead that reads "Tilda Plum"--that's a dog. Isn't that amazing? And they have minimal ads. It's like a giant bible of all things light, airy, girly, and whimsical. And what could be better than that?

Also, I briefly read in NYLON that there's talk of a new, affordable Marc Jacobs line? No, you're not dreaming. Apparently, everything is to be below 200$. Okay, so it's still not Target, but it's truthfully just as exciting. I'll post more about that when I figure it out.

Lastly, how perfect is this outfit?

I wanna wear something like it to FNO. With the official tee shirt tucked in. But serious, I better go to this thing! Anyone else going to be there? Lemme know!

Je t'aime!



  1. So excited for FNO! I can't wait for it. and I love Alexa Chung, my friend recently went to see her live because her friend won tickets.

  2. oh jeeze where to start. Alexa Chung is AMAZING!!! I love her to an undeniable degree. Fashion's Night Out is going to be amazing.. but sadly, I'm going to be working at that event. I hope I see you there! And Marc Jacobs will definitely come out with something amazing for this new line...



  3. My dear, I love this blog to bits! This entry is wonderful! The magazine sounds interesting...and it sounds like you bought quite a few cute clothes!

  4. Yay! I can't wait for the line. Although he does already have Jacobs for Marc Jacobs, his super cheap line that can be only found at Marc By Marc Jacobs stores. ): They have five dollar compacts, flip flops, and totes. Wah! I adore Alexa Chung. She's so fab. I desperately want to go see on of her shows!

  5. Hey there, just stopping by to thank you for reading my blog. You're amazing, big kisses! XO